IWCON 2022 – February

Date: 19/02/2022
The first version of IWCON 2022 featured 16 amazing speakers from all over the world and was attended by 800+ people.
One Year Continuous Learning Journey through
By Harsh Bothra
Starting with Android Static Analysis
By Aseem Shrey
How to Get Better at Hacking
By Louis Nyffenegger
Building Hacker Tooling
By Emile Fugulin
Dissecting Techniques to Shoot API Arrows at Vulnerable Services
By Roshan Piyush
Biologist to Security consultant
By Anugrah SR
New Vulnerabilities and How to Tackle Them
By Vandana Verma
Mindset After 7 years of Bug Bounty
By Hussein Daher
Journey of Getting Started in Bug Bounty
By Mehedi Hassan Remon
Overview of Web3 Smart Contract Hacking
By Duncan Townsend
Building Security Champions
By Tanya Janca
Landing Your First Cybersecurity Internship
By Nithin R
Beyond the Twitterverse
By Jessica Haworth
Bug Hunter to Security Engineer
By Jun Kokatsu
Finding Bugs on NFT Websites for Fun & Profit
By Zseano
Security Automation, (Re) Defined
By Dhiyaneshwaran DK
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