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February 26th & 27th
15 + Awsome Speakers
Virtual Conference
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Network and Learn From World’s
Best Infosec Professionals

Most Infosec conferences only revolve around Technicalities. But no one really talks about the emotional struggles of living in the Infosec world. No one shares their success blueprint of how exactly they went from 0 to great heights. And how you can do the same.

We attempt to fill this gap.

At IWCon, you’ll learn not just technical, but the human angle of being in Infosec.

Our speakers from around the world will share the behind-the-scenes of their journey so you can add new amazing skills and mindset shifts to your arsenal.


Why You Should Join The Event?


Leading experts and industries top practitioners from around the globe to share their latest security based ideas and techniques.


Learn from the journeys our experts share and how they shaped their success, so you can do it too.


Keynotes and Hands-on workshops so you can ask your questions live and get all your doubts cleared.


Due to ongoing pandemic, we are focusing on virtual conference to make sure beginners and professional security geeks be up-to date with the latest security technologies.


Network with other Infosec professionals with similar interests, so you can make powerful new connections and collaborations. You can also choose to have private talks with any fellow attendee you like.


Boost your knowledge, reinforce your mindset, and add a few new skills to your CV. Take home new ways to tackle problems and apply in your journey so you can soar to the top.


Our Speakers

Louis Nyffenegger

Founder/CEO/Trainer/Researcher @PentesterLab


Creator of BugBountyHunter

Tanya Janca

Founder of We Hack Purple.

Hussein Daher


Jun Kokatsu

Security Engineer @ Microsoft

Mehedi Hassan Remon

Brand Ambassador@Hacker0x01

Jessica Haworth

Cybersecurity journalist for The Daily Swig

Roshan Piyush

Security Research Engineer @ Traceable AI

Emile Fugulin

Co-founder of Caido

Vandana Verma

Chairman, Board of Directors, OWASP

Harsh Bothra

Learn365|Cobalt Core Team Lead & Pentester

Duncan Townsend

CTO and cofounder of Immunefi

Dhiyaneshwaran DK

Pentester and Bug Bounty Hunter

Aseem Shrey

Security Engineer @gojektech, CTF player NULLKrypt3rsr

Nithin R

Cybersecurity researcher

Anuragh S R

CyberSecurity Consultant@The SecOps Groupr


Event Schedule

  • Day 01

    February 26, 2022

  • Day 02

    February 27, 2022

07:00 - 07:30 PM IST

Starting with Android Static Analysis

You will get better understanding of Android static analysis

Senior Security Engineer @ Gojek

Aseem Shrey

Beyond the Twitterverse

How to increase visibility of your research by working with the media

Cybersecurity journalist @ The Daily Swig

Jessica Haworth

8:00 - 8:30 PM IST

Dissecting techniques to shoot API

Build a compound model to deeply understand correlations in API patterns and data flows uncovering API vulnerabilities that may escape your threat model.

Security Research Engineer@Traceable AI

Roshan Piyush

Building hacker tooling

Insight into the first year of Caido

Co-founder of Caido

Emile Fugulin

9:00 -9:30 PM IST

Journey of getting started in Bug Bounty

In the session you will understand on how to skill up your levels in hacking

Brand Ambassador @Hacker0x01

Hassan Remon

Biologist to Security consultant

Journey of a Biologist who tranformed himself into a security consultant

CyberSecurity Consultant @ The SecOps Group

Anugrah SR

10:00 - 10:30 PM IST

#Learn365 Challenge

One Year Continuous Learning Journey through learn365 challenge

Cobalt Core Team Lead & Pentester

Harsh Bothra

New vulnerabilities and how to tackle them

The new age strategies in handling latest vulnerabilities

Chairman,Board of Directors @ OWASP

Vandana Verma

07:00 - 07:30 PM IST

Finding bugs on NFT websites for fun & profit

A better way to explore vulnerabilities for fun over NFT websites

Creator of BugBountyHunter


Mindset After 7 years of Bug Bounty

How , what will be the mindset after 7 years into bugbounty

Passionate Hacker breaking codes for more than 10 years

Hussein Daher

8:00 - 8:30 PM IST

How to get better at hacking

In the session you will understand on how to skill up your levels in hacking

CEO @PentesterLab

Louis Nyffenegger

Overview of Web3/smart contract hacking

Get an Overview on hacking with the web3/smart contracts

CTO and cofounder of Immunefi

Duncan Townsend

9:00 -9:30 PM IST

Security automation,(re) defined

Security Through Intelligent Automation using Nuclei

Pentester and Bug Bounty Hunter

Dhiyaneshwaran DK

Networking Session

Get in touch with diverse people on a network session

Feel free to talk with group by joining in rooms


10:00 - 10:30 PM IST

Bug Hunter to Security Engineer

The experiences in his journey of evolving as security engineer

Security Engineer @Microsoft

Jun Kokatsu

Landing your first Cybersecurity Internship

The ‘what's and ‘what not’s to do to land into your internship

Cybersecurity researcher.

Nithin R

10:30 - 11:00 PM IST

Building Security Champions

In here you will know How to attract,train,engage the right people to your program

Founder @ We Hack Purple

Tanya Janca


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With interactive keynotes and hands-on workshops, IWCon speakers will share their experiences and instruct through examples so you can apply the same.


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February 26th and 27th
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