IWCON 2022 – December

The second version of IWCON 2022 featured 16 amazing cybersecurity experts and saw 1.5 Mn+ impressions worldwide.
How I Used Recon Techniques to Identify a Prolific Scammer
By Luke Stephens
Account Hijacking Featuring OAuth and JavaScript
By Youssef Sammouda
Scaling Security Researcher to Eliminate OSS Vulnerabilities
By Jonathan Leitschuh
Method vs Madness: Developing Flexible Automation Workflows
By Mohammed Diaa
Recon Skills and Tips
By Orwa Atiyat
Most Common Ways to Hack Companies Under 4 Hours
By Florian Hansemann
Starting into Smart Contract Security
By Shashank
What the Hack is an MPC
By Paris Stone
The Researcher's Toolbox
By Yarden Shafir
Reading RFCs for Hacking
By Inti De Ceukelaire
API Security Through External Attack Surface Management
By Phillip Wylie
Impact Security at Scale
By John Opdenakker
My Approach to Accessing Admin Panels
By Ahsan Khan
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of IIS Modules
By Blake McDermott
Hacking Cloud For Fun and Profit
By Dhiyaneshwaran B
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