IWCON 2023

Date: 16/12/2023
We at Infosec Writeups are organizing IWCon 2023 — the third edition of our international cybersecurity conference and networking event on 16–17 December 2023. The conference is open for cybersecurity researchers from all over the world. We have some amazing speakers sharing their personal stories and unique experiences of how they established themselves in Infosec.
From Hacker to Entrepreneur: My Cybersecurity Journey and Predictions for the Future
By Vivek Ramachandran
Recon Like an Adversary
By Jason Haddix
AI Application Security: Understanding Prompt Injection Attacks and Mitigations
By Joseph Thacker
Google Oauth is broken; keep access after leaving.
By Dylan Ayrey
A decade+ plus of maintaining ZAP - why I’ve done it and what I’ve learnt along the way
By Simon Bennetts (psiinon)
Understanding Chinese Cyber Threats
By Saikrishna Budamgunta
Navigating the RaaS Threat Landscape: Effective Detection and Response Techniques
By Renzon Cruz
Learnings from scanning 2 million hosts daily for bug bounty
By Dawid Moczadło
Essential Skills for the next-generation of AppSec Engineers
By Abhay Bhargav
Hacking the Hiring Process: Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job
By Kaitlin O'Neil
Streamline security with shift left: A cloud approach
By Avinash Jain
Hacking into Pretranined ML model
By S.G Harish
Bypassing Door Passwords
By Yunus AYDIN
Unmasking Chinese-Originated Cyber Crimes Targeting India
By Rajasekaran P
Diving Into The Realm Of Source Code Review
By Ananda Dhakal
Nightingale - Docker for Pentesters
By Raja Nagori
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